Things you need to know about almond

Depending on the almond variety, flowering is seen from the first week of February to April. For instance, the first week of April is the period for harvesting Fresh Green Almond / Çağla and August is the period for harvesting dried almonds that are cracked in the outer shell in our farms.

Almonds consists essential elements and mineral such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus for healthy bone development.

Almond also has many elements that are necessary for development and health of brain functions. Almond plays an important role in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and balancing cholesterol.

What does almond oil do for you: Benefits of almond oil ..

Abundant vitamin and fatty acid in the almond oil helps to moisturize the skin, especially to those who have dry skin type and to those who gets dry skin in cold.

As skin retains its elastic structure, it has an anti-aging effect, for many skin cures age problems, from bruises to wrinkles.

Almond oil reduces the risk of getting heart and vascular attacks when taken orally, a few drops directly into a glass of water, or added in foods, salads by ensuring the flow of blood in vessels with potassium, fatty acids and protein in its content.

Almond milk, which is widely used in the cosmetic sector, almond milk soaps are made to protect skin health.

Missions (Texas)

Fruit is medium. Long-time popular variety. Consistent producer. Hard shell with a good seal. Tree is large and upright.


Fruits of quite large size, high inner yield (40%), slightly pointed and of brown skin, not very rough. Very late flowering and maturation at the end of September.


Fruits of quite large size, high inner yield (40%) ,hard, wide and flattened shell, with thin, dark brown skin. Very late flowering and maturation at the end of September.