How are our walnuts ?

The walnut kernel is very good quality, tasty, and light blond. Keeps well.

It is easy to extract and comprises from 40% to 44% of the total weight of the nuts.

The size is large, 60% are more than 32 mm

Maturity period is late

Form is slightly elongated and quite bumpy.

The taste quality is good to very good, soft and slightly sweeter than Franquette.

Nutritional values / Dimensions

Weight of fruit : 11-12 g

Inner yield : 42-47%

Oil percentage : 69%

Protein percentage : 21%

Walnut is a rich source of folic acid, vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc minerals and omega 3.

There is around 654 kcal calories in a 100 grams of walnut. The rich vitamins and minerals contained in walnut play a major role in the treatment of many diseases such as brain health, heart and cardiovascular health, high cholesterol as well as cancer.

Eating 3-4 pieces of whole walnut per day means that the body would obtain 85% of the omega 3 acid that the regular healthy body would need during a day.

What are the benefits of the walnut?

Walnut, contains plenty of omega 3 fatty acids and reduces blood pressure by protecting heart health.

It provides regular working digestive system with the high fiber it contains.

Cleans the intestines.

Fixes the problem of constipation.

Omega 3-rich walnut affects brain development significantly.

It has therapeutic properties for prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer.

Strengthens the immune system.

Helps you lose weight by giving a feeling of fullness with the fiber it contains.

Prevents the formation of diabetes.

Walnut Omega 3 is rich in fatty acids, prevents dangerous heart rhythms, reduces the risk of heart attack.

Strengthens bone and tooth structure.

Form a defense mechanism against lung diseases.

Keeps the level of cholesterol in balance.

Provides skin renewal and survival.

Used for hair care.