Sun Dried Figs

Smyrna Sun Dried Figs

In the last week of May to the beginning of June immature fruits in the size of an hazelnut are fertilized. The Blastophaga wasp and Capriifigs may also be required for pollination and normal fruit development. 45 days later from this period or the beginning of August figs would be ripe to natural harvest (fall from the tree). Figs will not continue to ripen after they are picked like many other fruits. Therefore, Fig harvest would take somewhere around 45 days. All figs are being picked, strictly by hand carefully under the best conditions.

Incredible Hidden Benefits and Distinct Wealth in each Seed of Fig

Fig reduces the risk of heart disease and vascular disorders due to potassium in it.

Fig is a highly useful for bone development and disturbance due to its high calcium content.

The use of chemicals in fig cultivation is extremely low compared to other fruits and dried in natural conditions of the sun.

The pest control is solved by biological, cultural and natural methods instead of using pesticides. For this reason, figs have become increasingly important for healthy conscious life style..

Because it is a source of pectic substances, it provides health benefits such as elimination of toxic substances from the intestines, lowering of the level of cholesterol in the blood, prevention of rapid increase of blood sugar in diabetics, diseases caused by lack of vitamins in pregnancy and children with high iron content and mineral substances.

Why us?

Bozka Turkish Figs are the best nutrition and quality for you

Always fresh! All natural, chewy and sweet taste.

These rich, flavorful dried figs have hints of honey, jam and butterscotch with a subtle nuttiness from the seeds.

They range from light tan to deep brown, and their naturally occurring sugars often emerge during the sun-drying process to form beautiful white crystals on the soft skin

Energy booster, great source of sodium, potassium, fiber....

Smyrna fig varieties produce large edible fruit with true seeds.

Smyrna-type figs are commonly sold as dried figs and the fig fruit is unique.

Unlike most fruit, in which the edible structure is matured ovary tissue, the fig's edible structure is actually a stem tissue.